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General settings allow you to control high level aspects of your stream and match.

General Settings

General settings in their default state.

Video Title

You can change the name of the video title as it appears on the admin platform and inside Watch.

Video Title edit

This does not flow through to Facebook or YouTube, it only changes it inside MAS. You will need to change the name of the video in your respective third party tool's settings.

Screen Wake

Many devices, especially when on battery, will turn the screen off to conserve battery life. The screen wake feature does its best effort to avoid this from happening as doing so will likely also turn off your camera.

Screen Wake

This value can also be permanently overridden in your Account Settings Dialog.

Note: this is only a best effort, Firefox logo Firefox does not support it and your device may ignore this if its battery level gets critically low. If you're streaming off a phone, please do keep an eye on it!


Toggling the fullscreen mode is a handy way to take full focus and remove the distracting/large browser bar/unnecessary parts of the screen - allowing you to focus on scoring and streaming.


This is not supported on the iPhone and some Android devices  , if the browser bar is annoying you on these devices, consider using the native mobile apps instead.

Stream Quality Controls

This is an advanced feature, you should only change this if you know what you're doing.

By default, the application will try and automatically determine the best quality to stream in. This is a trade-off of a "good" looking image versus "how much can the internet connection support". A good picture requires more data, if your internet connection is too slow your stream will start to drop frames and look "choppy".

Quality controls

However, this may mean over the course of a game that the image quality changes - some viewers will get frustrated by this as they start to worry that it is their device struggling. Thus, if you don't want this to happen, and you are certain that the internet connection you are on is indeed good enough to service the video stream you can set this to off.

Quality override

MAS will stop automatically changing the quality of the stream and instead forcefully stream at the video quality you pick. Higher numbers = better picture quality = easier for your device = harder for the network to manage. Lower number = worse picture quality = harder for your device = easier for the network.

Some services, like YouTube logo YouTube, can deal with the video stuttering and eventually make it consistent, so if forcing the quality does cause a lag in the video stream, this may become eventually consistent whe the game concludes (i.e. you won't notice on the video after the stream ends, but it will be stuttering on the livestream itself).

You can read more about how this all works here.

You can permanently override this setting by changing it in your Account Settings Dialog.

End Game

The End Game button will terminate the scoring instance and end the live stream/video. This is an irreversible action.