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The following documentation sets discuss third party integrations officially supported by MAS. These vary in their abilities from being able to produce teams/players/long-term data through to simple single-match scoring platforms.

The goal of these integrations is to work with tooling you and your audience may already be familiar with, or have more sophisticated tooling (e.g. connecting to a scoreboard at the venue or deep data analysis) than what MAS offers.

This section of the documentation assumes you are familiar with the basics on setting up a match and have a working relationship/account with the data provider.

MAS will only provide support for the integration piece - defects or feature requests on the side of the data vendor must be filed with them, these integrations are provided only as a convenience.

If you're already using a product for scoring/data collection for your sport, please let us know and we'd love to be able to work with it so you can link this into MAS.