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Camera Recommendations

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This section will detail some camera options you can consider for your livestreaming - it is not necessarily exhaustive as MAS is designed to be as compatible as possible with your hardware outlay. If the question is "will this work?", the answer is most likely hopefully "yes!".

The MAS kit provides a consumer camcorder option - and this often provides a great balance of portability and ease-of-use, but you should consider what may work best for your setup a balance off:

  • Portability
  • Ease of use (especially with respect to power and internet sources)
  • Affordability
  • Picture quality

Sony camcorder from the MAS kit

A camcorder is easy to use, power, and provides great picture quality. However a good one is expensive, and it is a little more complicated to get online.

If your camera is not fixed to a wall/installed somewhere, you should definitely consider investing in a tripod. Many will provide stands and mounts for phones, tablets and other cameras at a great price, and will be good for pivoting and reducing shakiness.