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MAS differs from many other (sport) streaming providers in our recommendations and solutions around hardware - we try and consider ourselves purely software at our most primitive level and try and make any internet capable hardware compatible with the solutions we provide.

The best camera is the camera you already have and we want you to use hardware you are already comfortable with, especially when you're just starting out. A phone, tablet, or plugging a camera into a laptop is a perfectly valid camera setup and a great way to get started without blowing your budget.

We want you to own your content, your audience, and how bombastic your production becomes. Creative expression and freedom is at the core of the service we are providing and us dictating a narrow set of compatible hardware will always result in a worse experience for you, and a poor result in your ability to grow your presence.

Similarly, the more hardware you're prepared to provide, the cheaper it is to get going. If you have a laptop and can get that reliably online, then great you're most of the way there. If you already have a DSLR/mirrorless/camcorder then you don't need to purchase a new one.

Tablet on tripod

A tablet on a tripod is a perfectly valid MAS streaming system.

However, we do provide a simple set of recommendations to get you started in the most basic sense, but ultimately we want you to become passionate about streaming and the content you produce - and eventually consider mixing and matching all sorts of cameras and audio sources.

IP CCTV camera

A camcorder plugged into a laptop is also a compatible MAS streaming system.

Unsurprisingly, the better the hardware the better the result, but the higher the front-up cost to purchase this hardware. You can use MAS in simple productions (single unmanned camera and automatic overlays/scores) through to highly sophisticated setups with multi-camera angles, commentary and fine-grained overlay controls. Most of our audience starts small and grows into these more sophisticated productions - we highly recommend doing this too to gain a bit of confidence and establish the basics of your community and how you may go about growing it.

IP CCTV camera

An internet connected IP/CCTV camera can also be a hassle-free MAS streaming system.

The point is, MAS will do its best to make your production as good as possible and we will eventually push you towards upgrading as much as you are comfortable doing so.

Full TV-style production

MAS being used in a TV-style broadcast with commentators, multiple cameras, and sophisticated graphics.

If you have a phone, tablet, or laptop you already have the power to get going right now. If you're looking to produce a TV-style broadcast, great - we have solutions for that too.