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Mevo Start  is a camera that offers several benefits for livestreaming sports events - and is popular in cricket and baseball where it is largely used as a "set and forget" system. The product has an excellent battery life, can be mounted to cages, walls, and tripods and has an excellent accompanying mobile app.

Mevo camera

The camera is great for adding as a fixed camera, and having someone set it up pre-match using the app - all can be done remotely if the camera is powered and online.


Here are some things to keep in mind when considering using/purchasing a Mevo for MAS:

  • Portability: The Mevo camera is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable. It can be easily set up and moved around, allowing you to capture the action from different angles and locations; and has good connectivity to be fixed on walls or mounted on tripods.

  • Easy setup: The Mevo camera is designed for simplicity, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users. You can set it up quickly without requiring extensive technical knowledge or additional equipment. They are also easy to power and can be plugged into ethernet.

  • Multiple camera angles: With the Mevo camera, you can create the illusion of having multiple camera angles even with just one device. It offers a virtual multi-camera functionality, allowing you to switch between different shots during the livestream.

  • High-quality video: The Mevo camera is capable of capturing high-quality video footage, ensuring that your livestreams have excellent visual clarity. It supports resolutions up to 4K, enabling viewers to enjoy the sports action in detail.

  • Auto-tracking and automation: The Mevo camera incorporates advanced features like auto-tracking and automation. It can automatically detect and track subjects, ensuring that the camera stays focused on the players or moving objects during the game. This eliminates the need for manual camera adjustments, making it easier for you to capture the action.

  • Real-time editing and streaming: The Mevo app provides real-time editing capabilities, allowing you to switch between camera angles, zoom in or out, and create dynamic shots during the livestream. You can also add graphics, titles, and overlays beyond what MAS provides out-of-the-box.

Mevo baseball

A Mevo Start filming baseball attached to a mount for nets.


However, it is also worth considering some of the following and if this may apply to your setup:

  • Limited zoom capabilities: The Mevo camera's built-in lens has limited zoom capabilities and can be quite fiddly to do in real-time, which means it may not be suitable for capturing distant or small details during sports events. If you need extensive zooming capabilities, such as capturing action from a far distance, a traditional camera with interchangeable lenses might be a better option.

  • Limited low-light performance: The Mevo camera's smaller sensor size can affect its low-light performance. In dimly lit sports venues or night-time events, the camera may struggle to capture clear and well-exposed footage, resulting in lower image quality. It's important to consider the lighting conditions of your sports events and determine if the Mevo camera can adequately handle them.

  • Reliance on a single device: While the Mevo camera's virtual multi-camera functionality is impressive, it still relies on a single device to capture all the angles. This limitation means you may not have as much flexibility and versatility as you would with multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the venue. It's worth considering if a single camera can adequately cover all the action and angles you want to capture.

  • Limited audio capabilities: While the Mevo camera does capture audio, its built-in microphone may not provide the best sound quality, especially in noisy sports environments. If high-quality audio is crucial for your livestream, you may need to consider using external microphones or audio equipment to ensure clear and professional sound.

  • Obtaining a stable internet connection: You will either need to plug in an ethernet adapter via the official dongle  (which doubles as a power source), connect to a WiFi network, or you will need to tether a phone.

  • Cost considerations: While the Mevo camera offers convenience and portability, it may be pricier compared to traditional cameras.