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Your personal login details for the platform  allow you to access your own personal profile details on the platform (email, password, name, etc.) and your access to business accounts (clubs/schools/organisations) you have been invited to administer.

Once signed in, you can administer all the accounts in your context. Most people will just have one account, so if you have yet to be invited, or not seeing the business context(s) you are expecting to see, please contact the account owner and ensure they have invited you before reaching out to support directly (we will need to confirm with the business owner anyway).

In order to use Platform, you must have a valid email and password and be an admin of an organisation.

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Disclaimer: These links will only work if you know you already have an account (i.e. you have previously been invited, or setup a business).

Please contact us if you need any assistance, or the password reset is not working for you.

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