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Spawtz  is a popular product for scoring indoor sports. MAS has an integration that allows you to connect your Spawtz scoring instance with our backend to create an overlay for your match. At the moment, this is limited to indoor cricket.

MAS provides a Microsoft Windows application for your scorer to install and run on their system. Once installed and running, the scorer will score matches normally, and the steps for starting a video stream will otherwise be handled in the regular MAS scoring app.


On the scorer's device, you will need to download our My Action Sport for Spawtz Application ("Application") for Windows. This will listen to games started on the scorer's system and send their scoring updates to the MAS backend.

The scorer needs to make sure their device is online for this to work - this app will constantly send scoring updates to MAS so you can livestream these games. This app is supposed to be "fire and forget" - most of your interaction will actually be through the normal MAS setup application.

Application Download Link  . Last updated: May 17, 2023.

32-bit (older devices)

Application Download Link  . Last updated: May 17, 2023.


Unzip the above file and run My Action Sport.exe in the extracted directory, the other files here are also important. You can run this from Downloads or Desktop, or move it to C:\Program Files (or any other location). Once you set your location/venue name (below) you should be able to safely minimise the app and it will just continuously run and update in the background.

Setting a location or scorer name

Setting a location

To help find and identify your games back on your MAS scoring system, you should set a logical name for your sport's centre. This will help you filter and find your games when you go to latch to a Spawtz instance.

Creating a new game

The application will detect when a new game is started, and assign a new random ID for it. This ID is used back inside MAS to clip a game's highlights and allows you to latch a video stream and Spawtz instance together.

Spawtz "new game" button

If your scorer intends to reset their current game instead of stopping and starting a new one, they will need to press the "New Game" button on the application each time. Alternatively, you will need to be careful to make sure you are ending the game on MAS and attaching a new stream to an older version of a game. For the most part, this will never be an issue but the application can only guess when a game ends and a new one begins so this is a failsafe if incorrect.


Once the scorer's device is emitting games and events, latching to these is as simple as starting any other game on MAS.

Open the MAS scoring app 

Select Spawtz as your scoring provider

  • Select your sport
  • Select "Spawtz" as your scoring provider
  • Select any custom overlay you may have created, or just use the default one if unsure

Find your running Spawtz match

You can search across the currently running games on Spawtz - select your match or press "Skip for now" if it is not there.

Attach your camera and click "Start Game".

Where's my match?

If your match hasn't shown up yet, it is likely that the scorer hasn't processed any scoring events on their device. Ask them to enter a player name, start a clock, or click "save" in the Spawtz scoring application to trigger the game update flow on their system (and make sure the MAS listener is installed and running).

You can skip latching to a game for now to get the livestream underway - you can latch to the game and its events at any time.

Scoring keyboard

The scoring keyboard is very basic once a game is underway. The most important thing to check for is that you have latched to the correct Spawtz match.

Full keyboard

You can latch to any active Spawtz game using the "Match Controls" - this is especially useful if you have started a livestream before the scorer has started scoring.

Late latching a match

You can also stream "empty", by unbinding or not selecting a Spawtz instance by setting the "Match Controls" to none the overlay will be removed. You may choose to do this if a livesteam will outlive a game, or if the scoring is totally out of sync with a livestream.

Capture highlight

Highlights are created automatically for your platform backend any time the scorer scores an event back on Spawtz - you don't need to do anything special.

Capture highlight

However, if you want to capture a specific moment you can press "Create Highlight" at any time and a standalone highlight will be generated. This may be useful for things like judiciaries or funny moments that don't necessarily have a scoring event associated with them.


The most common thing to check for with this setup if both the scorer and the video stream have an internet connection. Unlike the rest of the Spawtz ecosystem, these devices do not talk to each other in an offline context - they send their data to MAS servers independently. Before continuing, or contacting support, please ensure all devices have an internet connection.

The overlay will not draw until the first scoring event is received from Spawtz.

Installing the Java version

If neither of the native executables linked above work for you, or you are not allowed to install/run executables, you can install the Java version. First, please download Java for Windows (you will need version 17 or higher/later): 

Azul download options

Download and install Java. Pick the "MSI" option if in doubt.

Then, download the spawtz.jar from:

Application Download Link  . Last updated: May 17, 2023.

Unlike the above native options, this is self contained so you do not need to unzip it; just double click spawtz.jar to run.

Finding the Spawtz Installation

By default, Spawtz will be installed on the scorer's device in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Spawtz Scorer Version 4

Spawtz not found

If My Action Sport.exe cannot find the Spawtz installation, you will need to tell it where it is actually installed.

If you don't know where this is, or are struggling to get started, please reach out to support.


You can simply and safely delete the folder at anytime. MAS will also write a hidden text file to your user directory:


e.g. C:\Users\you\

Spawtz properties file

You can also safely delete this file at any time. There are no registry entries created.