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This step is usually automatically filled in for you.

You can change these values when a match is underway.

This section specifies how you connect your video output to Watch, YouTube and Facebook if you choose to use MAS to distribute your video for you (if you are new to the platform, it is recommended that you let MAS configure this for you).


All videos are eligible to be displayed on MAS' Watch platform without any preconfiguring. If you intend on streaming to YouTube or Facebook, please make sure your account admin/owner has linked these services on the backend Platform.


YouTube and Watch provide the concept of video "visibility". MAS' version of this works more or less like YouTube  's and these are defined more specifically as:

  • public - allows a stream to end up discoverable by all people on the internet including on the search system and in public search engines such as Google  . This is the default option.

  • unlisted - allows a stream to exist on the relevant platform, but excludes it from search and being easily discoverable. This allows you to share a link to the video with a small group of people, without them having to do any special login. This is particularly useful for schools or for events where you want to restrict privacy around the video. Every effort  will be made to ensure this does not end up on third party public search engines but crawlers may choose to still include it in their results.

  • private - hides videos altogether. You videos will only be available to admins on Platform or Studio, so would be useful for things like training sessions or short form videos that you may not want to be available publicly.

You can change the value for Watch at any time on a match or back on the Platform but you will need to access Studio  to change this visibility flag on YouTube if you want to change it later.

Default Selections

By default, MAS will automatically:

  • Set your video to public on Watch
  • Select your YouTube channel(s) and make these public
  • Select your Facebook page(s)

This maximises your audience and available reach but reduces your privacy. Consider overriding these values if running a testing or training session.

Maximum Limits

At the moment, MAS will only allow one of YouTube and/or Facebook - if you need to stream to more than one of the same source, consider looking at third party streaming services like Restream  .