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General Terms

  • MAS: My Action Sport  - the landing pages for this platform

  • MAR: My Action Replay  - an earlier version of this product

  • Match - refers to when MAS is running, producing overlays and highlights and helping produce video. Data will come from you and/or a third party to keep track of scoring and real-world game events.

  • Overlay - is a video graphic that is drawn to a video. These ingest data from scoring apps and product outputs such as time, score and team/player names

  • Federated providers - refers to any third party who can either create data for the purposes of scoring, overlaying of graphics, and/or receive video output that is not a direct subsidiary of MAS

MAS Products

This documentation will often refer to third party tooling - usually in the context of providing match setup and/or scoring data. For the sake of clarity MAS provides three first-party products/applications:

  • Watch  - a website that allows you to view and share your streams to the general public

  • Platform  - the administrative website that allows you to control non-scoring aspects of your account like billing, users, overlays etc.

  • Scoring  - a web  , iOS  , and Android  mobile apps for creating and scoring games and livestreams.