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The topics in this section are for advanced use cases. Most users will not need this.

If you are struggling with a consistent video stream from your device(s), consider selecting a cloud server region that you know is closest to you.

Advanced options open

Alternatively, if you are wanting to produce a video stream through OBS/vMix but would like to take advantage of MAS sending to your desired output channels and/or create highlight reels, then consider instructing the MAS server to not draw the overlay to the video you send it.

Very few users will need to configure this, you can safely ignore this section.

Rendering Overlay

By default, the MAS server will draw the overlay to your video. For most users, this is desirable as it takes the thought process on how to merge the overlay with the video (and then send that out to its intended destinations).

Server rendering preference

However, if you are using a third party software rendering solution, such as OBS or vMix, you may wish to tell the server not to (re-)draw the overlay if you have already done so on these products. In this case, the MAS server will still send the video to your desired outputs, and be useful for creating highlights/indexable moments from your match but will not act as a video drawing system.

Cloud Server Region

Poor ping

If you are experiencing diagnostic ping values greater than ~250ms, or you wish to reduce the probability of frame-dropping on your video you can consider changing where MAS runs your server.

Cloud region picker

Placing a server closer to your camera may help with poor network conditions. The default location is central U.S. so if you know your round-trip with this region is poor, consider selecting one of the other options more local to you.

Default Selection

MAS will use a central U.S. based server and will draw the overlay to any incoming video by default.