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Welcome to My Action Sport

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This website details support documentation for My Action Sport. If you need any extra help, or would like to discuss any of your account particulars (especially about billing), please reach out to our support team directly:

MAS is a product of Playmaker Labs  .

Our privacy policy is available here  and will be updated from time-to-time. We will endeavour to contact you when this does occur.

Most of our products require Javascript to be enabled (this is usually the default).

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Glossary & Features

This site will make use of product names and abbreviations, it is worth taking a look at the glossary for a full list of these terms.

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My Action Sport composes several projects. Please see the appropriate support item for each of them:

  • Watch - A public platform for viewing your videos. You can share this platform with your audience in addition to sending your streams to other services like YouTube  and Facebook  .

  • Platform - Built for owners and administrators of clubs, schools, teams, and organisation to manage their account. This is a private backend to configure things like overlays, devices, billing, and platform users.

  • Scoring - A web  , iOS  , and Android  mobile apps for creating and scoring games and livestreams.

  • My Action Replay  - To add some confusion, MAR is an older version and naming of MAS. If you are an existing MAR customer, your account is still functional on  and the hardware you purchased from us is compatible with the newer systems. You will eventually be migrated to MAS - but there is no rush to do so. If you are a new customer, or have never heard of MAR, you don't need to worry about this but you may see some crossover naming convention, they are the same business for all intents and purposes.