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Migrating My Action Replay

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If you are an existing MAR customer, you can migrate your existing hardware setup to MAS. You can reach out to us directly to help you with this process, or facilitate it yourself by:

1. Create a new MAS account

  • You will need to have an active account on MAS - you can use an existing account or start a fresh one.

2. Create a fixed device in your MAS platform backend for each existing MAR unit you have, copy the RTMP URL and Key.

  • When you go to create a new match in MAS, you will be able to select your existing MAR camera as an input source from the camera selector.

3. Logging into your MAR backend 

Set your MAR camera to Constant Stream, select its output as Other and add in the RTMP URL and Key. If this is not an available option for you, you will need to ask support to do this for you.

  • That's it! Your camera will now steam directly at MAS and you will be able to select it as an input either during a match or at creation.